Shopping: 5 must-visit places to grab a bargain in Lyon

How about making the most of your sunny Sunday to stroll around a second-hand or flea market in Lyon? Whether you’re an art connoisseur, collector, bargain hunter or just looking for something to do, here is our selection of the best markets in Lyon!


For bookworms: Second-hand book market (Marché aux Bouquinistes)

For over 20 years, this legendary market along the Saône riverbank has been a utopia for anyone and everyone in search of the rarest books. Famous all over Lyon, the Second-hand book market is an absolute must for literary fans of all genres. Its stalls have everything for every budget: old books, new books, second-hand books, out-of-print books, unpublished books and even etchings and postcards. Treat yourself to a Sunday saunter along the quay and see if you can track down the rare gem to complete your bookshelf!

Marché aux Bouquinistes, Quai de la Pêcherie, 69001 Lyon. Open weekends, 10am to 6pm. Phone: +33 (0) 4 72 10 30 30.


For fashionistas: Vintage Fashion Market (Marché de la Mode Vintage)

The Vintage Fashion Market takes places once a year in Lyon. This event, which brings together almost 15,000 vintage lovers over several days, will celebrate its 19th birthday in 2019. On the guest list this year will be accessories, clothing, interior decorations and plenty of other wonders. Each edition has a theme, which this time around is 1990s streetwear mixed with the 1970s, both of which defined a whole generation and inspired some of the biggest designers! The market will be held in a venue that epitomises Lyon’s cultural prosperity, La Sucrière, an events space in the Confluence district. An essential stomping ground to stay bang on trend and unearth some stylish treasures.

Vintage Fashion Market, 7th and 8th April 2019. La Sucrière, 49-50 Quai Rambaud, 69002 Lyon. Phone: +33 (0) 4 78 42 99 27.


For die-hard collectors: Stamp market (Marché aux timbres)

This market, set up in Bellecour Square, brings together all the city’s philatelists on Sunday mornings…and has been doing so for almost 125 years! Yes, that’s right, the Stamp market has been a meeting place for passionate collectors since as far back as 1892. You will find a large variety of stamps, from the more original to the more unique, often steeped in history, as well as fantastic postcards. Don’t be afraid to speak with the thirty or so sellers: they will delight in revealing the secret histories hidden behind each small momentous piece of paper.

Stamp market, Place Bellecour, 69002 Lyon. Open on Sundays, 8am to Midday.



For vintage music lovers: Vinyl flea market (Brocante Vinyle)

Fancy digging up some musical nuggets in a friendly and social setting? Every first Sunday of the month, the Cave d’à Côté wine bar, in the 1st arrondissement, joins forces with the Freedom Sound association to hold a vinyl flea market open to the public. The perfect opportunity to scout out some classic records from the swinging 60s to modern day. An eclectic range of musical genres awaits you in this cosy cellar, with its its vaulted ceiling and exposed stone walls. The little cherry on top: you can even enjoy some local produce accompanied by a glass of red.


Vinyl flea market. La Cave d’à Côté, 7 Rue Pleney, 69001 Lyon. Every first Sunday of the month, 3pm to 7pm.


For everyone: Canal flea market (Puces du Canal)

This famous flea market, which features 300 to 600 exhibitors every week, is France’s second biggest and the 5th biggest market in Europe. The Canal Flea Market (Puces du Canal) is a true Lyon landmark, whose charm is in part thanks to its huge diversity, both in terms of the items as the public who meander around the 12-acre site. Anyone from curious collectors to art buffs, families and part-time bargain hunters can be seen there every weekend. And with good reason, because you can find pretty much everything: furniture, decorations, rare items, toys and more…all in a friendly atmosphere so typical of traditional flea markets. The site has four separate areas and puts on entertainment for the whole family. In other words, the perfect place to uncover a rare antique and grab a tidy bargain!

Canal flea market, 3 Rue Eugène Pottier, 69100 Villeurbanne. Open on Thursdays, 7am to 3pm for professionals, and on Saturdays 8am to 3pm and Sundays 7am to 3pm for the general public. Phone: +33 (0)4 72 04 65 65.

So you can make the most of your weekend in Lyon to browse the markets and shop, MiHotel offers late check-outs on Sunday evenings. See our website for more details!


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