Rue du Bœuf, France’s most decorated Michelin-starred street


Walk through the historical neighbourhood of Old Lyon and you will certainly come across a street like no other…With its quintessential Renaissance façades and stone cobbles, rue du Boeuf is an essential part of any visit to the city. Why? Because it’s quite simply France’s most decorated Michelin-starred street. With no less than 3 Michelin-starred restaurants lining its way, it is living proof of Lyon’s reputation as the capital of gastronomy. Here’s a look at the three restaurants that have been awarded cooking’s most prestigious title.



Les Loges – Chef Anthony Bonnet

Born in the Monts du Lyonnais, Anthony Bonnet comes from a family of farmers. He therefore developed a passion for proper produce and good taste very early on, which is easy to see throughout his imaginative culinary creations. The chef welcomes epicureans from Lyon and further abroad in the magnificent Les Loges hotel, which boasts a Florentine-style interior courtyard and a stunning, 17-metre-high glass roof.

When it comes to the cooking, the maestro remains fond of his country’s traditional cuisine and serves up the great classics with his own special twist: Bresse chicken, traditionally-bred squab, duck foie gras, langoustines and other seafood. But that is not all: in addition to the restaurant, customers can also visit the chef’s luxury café-deli that showcases local Lyon produce, as well as the distinguished La Petite Loge and the Bar and Cigar room. A riveting gastronomic experience, the Cour des Loges is certainly part of any Lyon bucket list!

Restaurant Les Loges (Cour des Loges) 6 Rue du Bœuf, 69005 Lyon. Tel: +33 (0) 4 72 77 44 44. Open every evening Tuesday to Saturday (service 7.30 pm to 9.15 pm) and for Sunday lunch à la carte.


Restaurant Jérémy Galvan

Jérémy Galvan
’s eponymous restaurant offers its clientele a cosy and elegant setting with fine cuisine. Made using fresh, local and seasonal produce, the restaurant’s creative set menus skilfully blend the many flavours of France’s gastronomic tradition. The space is divided into two rooms, whose décor is inspired by the four elements of Earth and Fire (room 1) and Air and Water (room 2). The result is sophisticated and understated, affording the restaurant a unique aura that instils serenity.

Awarded with a star in the 2017 Michelin Guide for his cuisine with great finesse, Jérémy Galvan draws inspiration from the smells and memories of his childhood to guide his talent. The grandson of market gardeners and Spanish pieds-noirs, he endeavours to awaken our senses through colourful creations. “Improbable encounter”, “Soft Orient breeze” or “From podium to plate”…the journey and adventure start even with the names.

Restaurant Jérémy Galvan, 29 Rue du Bœuf, 69005 Lyon. Tel: +33 (0) 4 72 40 91 47. Open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from midday to 1.45 pm and from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm, and Wednesday and Saturday from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm.


Au 14 Février – Chef Tsuyoshi Arai

Au 14 Février
presents its guests with a fusion of French and Japanese cuisine. The restaurant, run by chef Tsuyoshi Arai, serves up inventive concoctions that embody the savoir-faire of these two cultures for whom cooking is a matter of upmost importance. A medley of flavours and an amalgam of textures all perfected to the minutest of detail and bursting with creativity: the recipe for success that won the restaurant its Michelin Star in 2017.

The flavours of the dishes are released through a fine selection of wines chosen by the restaurant’s sommelier Masahiro Monita. One of the highlights is the Japanese beef, hand-picked by their partner butcher (Sekita-Ya). To find out what’s on the menu, you have to visit in person: the produce is so fresh that the menu is never revealed in advance. Who doesn’t love a surprise?

Au 14 Février, 36 Rue du Bœuf, 69005 Lyon. Tel: +33 (0) 4 78 92 91 39. Open from Tuesday to Friday from 8 pm to 9 pm, and Saturday from midday to 1 pm and from 8 pm to 9pm. 




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