Food: 4 trends that will keep hitting our plates in 2020

With the food sector constantly reinventing itself, predictions for what trends we will be seeing in 2020 are rife. In France and in Lyon, some of them are already starting to make a name for themselves while others are only just emerging. As we begin this new decade, MiHotel reveals the 4 trends to keep an eye out for in 2020…



#Simplicity: back to basics

A key trend that looks set to this year is a return to basic cuisine, which has formed the basis for many recent concepts in the industry. In practice, this means cooking that showcases raw, unprocessed products stripped of all pretention. Ingredients that are fresh, often organic, always seasonal, and carefully selected from local, sustainable farmers. One direct consequence is that menus are increasingly shorter. Several restaurants have been quick to adopt this new approach, including Prairial, a fantastic establishment in the 1st arrondissement whose home-grown cuisine serves creative dishes inspired by nature.



#Tradition: be social

In a similar search for authenticity, 2020 is seeing a resurgence of traditional recipes. They champion local produce with food that is simple, wholesome and which draws its inspiration from our grandmother’s pantry. Heirloom vegetables are served around large tables and nostalgic dishes mix with sharing platters. At the heart of it all are three main principles: pleasure, hospitality and family. A new addition to rue Tupin, Bouillon Maurice is a perfect example with its super simple and efficient menu with unbeatable prices.



#Lifestyle: vegan street food

Time for a change of vibe as we head into the ruthless world of street food, which still reigns supreme in Lyon, as evidenced by the big festival created in its honour just a few years ago. Street food is set to reach new heights in 2020 as it joins forces with veganism. In response to the ecological emergency, many in the industry are looking to offer consumers culinary street creations that both look good and feel good. Vegetarian burgers, tofu bo bun or gluten-free pizzas are popping up everywhere. When it comes to Lyon, Hank Burger and My Petite Factory are spearheading the charge.


#World: recipes from afar 

Globalisation shows no sign of slowing down in all aspects of our lives, and food is no exception. Whether it be haute cuisine or street food, new genres of cooking are being contrived as we blend exotic flavours with those closer to home. Asian cuisine, already well cemented in Lyon’s culinary landscape, will continue on its triumphant rise, even achieving the ultimate mark of respect in the Michelin guide. While a little coyer, food from sub-Saharan Africa is also slowly inching its way onto more and more menus. Some of international cuisine in Lyon are Lyon-Dakar and La Cannelle.



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