Smart Hotel : All aboard your dream trip

Have you already stayed in a smart hotel? In keeping with the times, this next generation of hotel adapts to our new lifestyles. In the heart of Lyon, MiHotel offers a range of luxury suites…are you ready for a whole new experience?

Booking made easy

Naturally full of wanderlust, I love exploring new areas and immersing myself in a city’s essence. To make my next trip to Lyon unique, I fancy trying something different to a classic hotel room.
After some fruitless searching, my stomach has butterflies looking at the photo of a suite right in the centre of the city’s Presqu’île. Haussmann wood flooring, backlit bathtub, XXL bed… I suddenly get the urge to take a soak in a warm bubble bath with a cocktail in hand !

Without a second’s thought, I book my room with MiHotel. And a few seconds letter I get my confirmation email and message with access codes and directions. This is going to be amazing, and I’m going to test a smart hotel for the first time ever !


Bring out your inner James Bond

My suitcase in hand, I cross Bellecour Square. This morning, I got an SMS wishing me a safe trip and reminding me of the codes to get into the building and Suite. I enter the door code and it opens to reveal a sunny courtyard. On the 2nd floor, I enter the second code and feel like a spy on a top-secret mission. And…wow! My room is spacious, the whirlpool bath presides opposite the magnificent bed and the ethanol fireplace is already warming the cockles of my heart. The elegant décor invites me to kick back and relax.

Much to my delight, I discover that I can change the brightness of the lights remotely, that I can watch a film on the video projector while enjoying a cup of tea and that I can send emails while listening to some piano. Simply put, I feel at home !

Discover our Suites which they have a whirlpool bath : 
– Suite Dandelion : A lovely Suite to recharge your batteries.
– Suite Balançoire : Balancoire mixes softness and contemporary design
– Suite Vertigo : Vertigo reveals a great classic architecture revamped, between graphism, black and white design and fresh sensuality.


Explore the city

After revelling in the moment, the time has come to explore the best that Lyon has to offer. Passing in front of the chocolatiers Pralus, a few treats catch my eye, and I can’t help but fall for a golden praluline. A bit further on, my attention turns to the multicultural and colourful window of Respiro. I end my little stroll with the merry Hyggelig concept store and its fine Scandinavian décor.


Relax and unwind

Back in my room with shopping bags in tow, I start feeling slightly peckish. Fortunately, the fridge is full of snacks, including dishes concocted by Jullien, a quintessential Lyon gastropub. Their delicious charcuterie platter finds its home on the coffee table, while I find mine just opposite on the comfy sofa.

After, I make my way to the bath where I’m treated to water jets and back massages. Goodbye stress, hello relaxation! To top off this perfect day, I light up the fireplace and slip under the sheets to enjoy a good book. Unfortunately, the bed is just too comfortable, and I soon find myself exploring slumber land.


Sleep like a baby

As the sun comes up, I feel like I’ve slept for a millennium. I was out the whole night, with silence my only companion. Well rested, I order a hearty breakfast. Fresh fruit juice, chocolate pastries, homemade jams…all delivered by bike thanks to Baguette à Bicyclette. What a joy !

One problem, I’m going to have to pack my bags and leave this paradise. To help swallow this bitter pill, I quickly book another stay in a smart suite. The concept is so handy: luxury, peace and pleasure in comfy and high-tech surroundings. I’ve been converted !

Is it your turn? Contact MiHotel right away !


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